Nutri-Lock™ Forage Inoculants

Nutri-Lock™ supplies a source of live viable, Homo-Fermative lactic acid producing bacteria. Nutri-Lock™ has a target application rate of 100,000 cfu/g of forage treated. Nutri-Lock™ inoculants are specifically formulated for: Corn Silage; Earlage; Alfalfa Haylage; Small grain Silages; High Moisture Grain.

Nutri-Lock™ may be purchased in two forms:

  • Soluble Powder (100g or 400g Pouches)
  • Dry Granular ( 50lb. Plastic Pail or Paper Bag)

Mode of Action

Nutri-Lock™ promotes a rapid fermentation in all types of forages. Nutri-Lock™s bacteria rapidly multiply at the rate of 2x every 25 minutes. These rapidly multiplying bacteria then convert the plant sugars to Lactic Acid. As the Lactic Acid percent profile rapidly increases this in turn forces the pH too lower. Creating a now low pH environment that inhibits the growth of pH sensitive yeast and mold organisms.


  • Excellent Forage Color Retention.
  • Superior Nutrient Retention.
  • Greater Dry Matter Intake.
  • Improves Bunk Life.
  • Remains Cool during feed out.
  • Increased Forage Palatability.
  • Superior Forage Digestibility.
  • Increased Milk Production.
  • Aids in the reduction of Nitrates.
  • Non-Corrosive to Equipment.

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