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Energy is Life

Energy is the first demand in all animal nutrition. The energy will be met first, at the expense of all other nutrients. If the energy needs is not satisfied and protein is available, it will be broken down to satisfy the energy needs first before any of it will be utilized to meet the protein or amino acid needs. The total energy requirement of animals surpasses all other nutrient requirements. It is therefore necessary to use an energy source that does not create these problems.
It is also necessary that maximum energy required be received from the energy source, so as to preserve the protein requirements. That source is Ethyl Alcohol. ETHYL (grain) ALCOHOL has more hydrogen per pound of product and is in the most excited state known to man. ETHYL (GRAIN) ALCOHOL works 30 times faster than carbohydrate sources of energy.

Where Quality Counts

“LIFE LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS” are formulated with the highest quality and most available ingredients available in the manufacturing of “LIFE LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS”. This includes cane molasses, grain distillers solubles, whey, urea, vitamins, minerals, and with or without ethyl alcohol. Proper protein levels with proper utilization of NPN in the Rumen so the bacteria can convert ammonia into amino acids.
“LIFE LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS” can be customized for use with a variety of feedstuffs. Their application turns virtually any plant material into a well balanced, complete balanced ration.

Custom Liquid Services

We can custom formulate a liquid feed designed to meet your individual livestock needs.
We will work with your nutritionist or current liquid energy to a bid a liquid feed priced to fit your production needs.


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