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Improve the Performance and Health of Poultry

Delivering Live, Viable Lactic Acid Producing Beneficial Bacteria To Help Raise Healthier Poultry

Life Products™ 1-GP line of products utilize patented stabilization technology to deliver our five research proven bacteria to all sectors of the poultry industry. 1-GP has been shown to improve the performance and health of the birds along with aiding in decreasing the challenges of detrimental bacteria. We offer 1-GP in three diverse forms that will meet your feed management system.


Broilers fed 1-GP at the recommended dose outperformed broilers fed a control diet.  At 42 days broilers fed 1-GP were 0.18 lbs heavier (P<0.0001), were 5 points better on feed conversion (P<0.0001) and had 1.73% lower mortality (P<0.026).  The same birds at 49 days were 0.33 lbs. heavier (P<0.0001), were 10 points better on feed conversion (P<0.0001) and maintained their advantage in mortality (P= 0.002).

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1-GP Poultry Broilers Mortality FC Graph
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Healthier hens come into lay earlier and produce more eggs than those that may be sub-clinically challenged.

Research shows flocks fed 1-GP achieved peak lay (90% or better) 4 weeks earlier than those fed a leading competitive product. Hens fed 1-GP also had increased egg production (2-8 eggs/hen) throughout the entire lay cycle. Additionally, during a 4-week period, hens were fed 1-GP for the first 3 weeks. In week 2, the pathogenic E. coli level was less than 100 cfu/g in all six samples taken. In week 4 (one week after 1-GP was removed from diet) the levels of pathogenic E. coli had a range of 1,000,000 cfu/g to 140,000,000 cfu/g in the six-sample results.


Antibiotic-Free Turkey Midwest Feeding Trial

With improved gut health and performance without the use of antibiotics, Life Products™ 1-GP technology delivers the proven advantage of beneficial bacteria to the Turkey Industry. As the data from the Antibiotic-Free Midwest Turkey Trial shows, 1-GP improves feed conversion, livability and feed costs without sacrificing weight gain, thus promoting increased production and profitability.

Grow-out flocks were composed of hybrid, antibiotic-free birds evenly divided between Control and 1-GP treatment. Control processed at 134 days. 1-GP processed at 133 days.

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1-GP Poultry Turkeys Livability Graph
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Healthier and More Productive Small Flocks

1-GP Small Flock: Life Products™ research proven poultry probiotics, combined with patented stabilization technology, conveniently packaged to help bring viable probiotics to all flock sizes. 1-GP Small Flock can be added to or top dressed onto the birds feed on a daily basis ensuring your birds can perform to their optimum ability. 1-GP Small Flock has been shown to improve the performance and health of the birds along with aiding in decreasing the challenges of detrimental bacteria.

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Now OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed

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The Same Live Lactic Acid Producing Beneficial Bacteria You Expect from Life Products in an Organic Friendly Form

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  • Research Tested
  • Field Proven
  • Improved overall bird health
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Increased production
  • Increased livability
  • Pathogen inhibition
  • Easy to administer
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1-GP Dry is ideal for all non-pelleted feeds.

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1-GP Liquid uses an applicator to spray a stable form onto feed post-pelleting.

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1-GP Hydro is a water soluble form that can be administered through the drinking water using a medicator.

Probiotics Concentrated Liquid Form Oil Products

1GP Poultry Oil Products

Life Products probiotics, in a concentrated liquid form, applied to feeds utilizing our exclusive, patented delivery equimpment. Compact and automated, this application equipment can be installed in most mills or manufacturing facilities in a short amount of time. Contact us for more information on these products and equipment.

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