Probiotics - Microbial Feed Additives

Our Probiotics are the result of Vit-E-Men's research and development through major University's studies and field trial programs to improve animal health and performance for our customers.

With the new development of our applicator, we are making it easier, faster and more efficient to apply our products.

Life Products™ Probiotics are the world's most scientifically advanced microbial feed additives. Life Products’ Probiotics help you take the GAMBLE out of your operation.

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Fast Facts

  • What are Life Products'™ Probiotic Cultures?
    The term "PROBIOTICS" may be new to you. Quite literally, it means "supporting life". Life Products'™ Probiotics encourages the growth of desirable bacteria, in order to prevent the growth of undesirable microorganisms. Life Products'™ Probiotics will implant, colonize and reproduce in the intestinal tract of animals and poultry.
  • What are the benefits of using Life Products'™ Probiotic Cultures?
    • Life Products'™ Probiotics are beneficial in stress periods such as weaning, hauling, drastic weather changes and abrupt ration changes.
    • With the development of our new DFM Applicator, it's becoming easier, faster and more efficient to apply our products.
    • Life Products'™ Probiotics have no withdrawal times required prior to slaughter and no disposal of milk is necessary.
    • Life Products'™ Probiotics are not classified as a drug and are safe to administer to any animal at any time.
    • Probiotic cultures are gaining more attention as a possible antibiotic substitute. Instead of eliminating harmful organisms, why not promote the growth of non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria.