BATTLE Dairy Drench

BATTLE Dairy Drench ProductsBATTLE Dairy Drench gets fast energy and essential chelated trace minerals into stress cattle fast. BATTLE Dairy Drench gets sick cattle eating and drinking in short order.

It Saves Lives and Saves You Money!

Fast Facts

  • Who?
    For new born calves, veal, and freshening cows with energy deficiencies, nutritional deficiencies, scouring and other bovine conditions.
  • Why?
    To initiate fermentation and to replace valuable trace minerals and vitamins correcting existing deficiencies in the animal by rapidly absorbing BATTLE into the bloodstream. This allows the calf or cow to return to a healthful state by allowing the normal process to return.
  • What?
    A group of ingredients carefully combined by a patented process which includes ethyl alcohol, chelated minerals and vitamins.
  • Where?
    Calving pens, veal barns, freshening cow/calf operations and pasture areas.

Why is ethyl alcohol used?

Ethyl Alcohol is the fastest and purest source of hydrogen energy known to man. What we wanted to supply was a very high source of hydrogen to the microbes in the rumen of the animal to make amino acids at a faster rate. The animal will utilize the hydrogen atoms found in the Ethyl Alcohol.

Energy is provided in the form of Ethyl Alcohol derived from grain. Ethyl Alcohol works 30 times faster than carbohydrate sources of energy. Ethyl alcohol also shortens the time ruminant microorganisms require to adjust to a new environment - from the normal 6 -10 hours to approximately 1 1/2 hours.

We have recognized that it is a superior quality of hydrogen and does not contain the impurities such as other energy sources collected as byproducts of the chemical industry such as Propylene Glycol.

What do satisfied customers have to say?

"We started using BATTLE Dairy Drench when we got some samples at a trade show about 4 months ago. We needed something to help the scours and dehydration in our calves. The death loss was way too high. We give the calves an ounce a day from birth to about 2 months old. Since we started the program, we haven't lost a calf. We plan to try BATTLE Drench on freshening heifers and cows."
~ Frank Areias and Lori Davis
   Lemoore, California
"We had problems with scours on about the 9th day, about 90% of the calves would be affected. Death loss was running about 5%. We started giving DAIRY BATTLE in the milk bottle on days 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11. The incidents of scours has drastically decreased. We haven't had any calves go down on us and the few that show signs of scours get over it in good shape. They are more energetic and look a lot healthier.

We also used DAIRY BATTLE on a cow that had problems delivering a large bull calf. It seemed to give her the energy needed to recover fully."
~ Randy & Laura Orth
   Lancaster, WI
"We use DAIRY BATTLE on all of our fresh cows. It helps keep their energy levels up and on feed. We also use DAIRY BATTLE on all of our sick cows on a daily basis, giving them energy and helping them back on feed. In some cases keeping them alive! DAIRY BATTLE has been an asset to our Dairy operation."
~ Kip - Double Dutch Dairy
   Shelby, NE