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Vit-E-Men Company, Inc.

Life Products Product Lineup

The Vit-E-Men Company, Inc., a Nebraska based company, was founded in 1971 by Charles Watson. Vit-E-Men, Inc. is a supplier of poultry probiotics, cattle probiotics, horse probiotics, sheep/goats probiotics, swine probiotics, aquiculture probiotics, alcohol liquids feeds, dry mineral supplement, silage inoculants, high moisture corn inoculants, and hay inoculants.

From the beginning, our goal has been to help Milk, Egg and Livestock Producers attain the highest level of "production" at the lowest possible cost. Our commitment is to develop, manufacture, and distribute quality Crop Additives, Livestock Supplements and Animal Health Products based on Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Producer needs.

In 1973, The Vit-E-Men Co. introduced probiotics and inoculants (Life Nutri-Lock™) which began its Life Products line. For Livestock, our probiotics are used when the normal supply of bacteria has been depleted through stress, sickness, or the feeding of antibiotics. For Crops, Nutri-Lock™ is used to help retain valuable dry matter, protein, and energy in hay and silage that can be lost through improper fermentation. Additionally, the constant battle waged by livestock managers against animal stress led to the development of our product, BATTLE; a high energy micro-nutrient vitamin drench. Other products produced by the company are Life Liquid Feed and various Mineral Series.

While new, innovative products associated with the Livestock Industry are being researched, the Vit-E-Men Company will remain consistent in their mission to answer the needs of their customers with efficient, cost-effective products.